Acceptable Use Policy

Through this document CodeBee B.V. (hereinafter CodeBee) means to point out the responsibilities accompanying CodeBee’s services to clients and users of CodeBee’s services (hereinafter user[s]). When provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy are violated, CodeBee can take measures, as defined in the Abuse Policy, to counter the continuation or repetition of the offence.


The objectives of the Acceptable Use Policy include:

  • Offering users safe and reliable internet services.
  • Contributing to the open nature of the internet and the value of the internet as a platform for freedom of speech.
  • Promoting the responsible use of the internet and counteracting practices that negatively affect the value of the internet.
  • Protection the rights, privacy and (internet) security of individuals and organisations.
  • Indicating the rights and obligations, in addition to statutory rights and obligations, CodeBee provides users with.

Rules of Conduct

  • The starting point is that users behave as proper and careful internet users and do not cause any inconvenience to the other users and/or networks on the internet.
  • The user shall follow reasonably formulated instructions from CodeBee regarding the offered internet services
  • The user shall refrain from transmitting any material through or posting any material, of any form, on the internet, which can be regarded as illegal, unlawful, threatening, discriminatory, libellous, encouraging or triggering conducts that can be considered criminal, which could give civil liability to, or could otherwise result in a conflict with the Dutch law or international laws and regulations.
  • The user will do everything reasonably possible to prevent a computer virus or other malicious program from being posted on or transmitted through the internet or CodeBee’s infrastructure.
  • The user will do everything reasonably possible to only connect systems with adequate security to the internet.
  • CodeBee is extremely careful with their users’ confidential information (including passwords) and expect the same degree of care from its users.
  • The users will inform CodeBee as soon as possible if any confidential data from or provided by CodeBee has come into the hands of unauthorised parties, or in case of suspicion thereof.
  • The user will inform CodeBee as soon as possible when unauthorised parties have had access to the services, or in case of suspicion thereof.


The user shall refrain from any attempt, in any way whatsoever, to:

  • Invade third party systems or using third party accounts without authorisation.
  • Gain access to data not intended for the user.
  • Carry out any denial of service attacks.
  • Intercept or manipulate third party network traffic without consent.
  • Send spam.
  • Manipulate electronic messages (including email headers).


CodeBee reserves the right to revise this Acceptable Use Policy unilaterally in accordance with social and technological developments.

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